Hans Wolfram Gerhard

About Hans Wolfram Gerhard

Hans was born and educated in Germany where his early interest in the arts was nurtured in a large family. A visiting appointment in the United States extended to permanent residence and US citizenship. He taught economics at Duke and other universities, and later joined the staff of the International Monetary Fund in Washington,DC.

He studied at the Corcoran School of Art, but drew most inspiration from artist friends, and learned from visits to their studios, to museums and galleries. Franz Bader, the venerable Washington art dealer, encouraged Hans Gerhard’s pursuit of painting and included his work in exhibitions at the Bader Gallery. This opened access to other galleries and so his work found its way into private and public art collections in the United States and Europe.

Since 1985 Hans has been able to devote most of his time to Hughes River Farm. The foothills of Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains, with Rappahannock County as home to a thriving arts and crafts community, made a stimulating setting for developing his painting and exploring other forms of artistic endeavors. Welding found objects and scrap metal has been his most recent fascination.

Hans sees his work as evolving out of the traditions of German modernist art as well as American Pop Art and the Washington Color School.

Photo courtesy of Roger Foley